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Orange Star Initiative



What is the "Orange Star Initiative"?


We offer opportunities of complimentary stays at luxury hotel, dining at high-end restaurants, or free sightseeing tours for those who are enthusiastic in traveling, food & wine, and love to explore and share exciting experiences. On top of all these, you get paid!

      Why is it called "Orange Star Initiative"?


Orange is very close to color of red. It is warm, cheerful and enthusiastic. Orange star could be any one around us who is passionate about life, always exploring new and exciting things in life, and keen to share. We welcome you to join us to discover more.

      What will you benefit from the Orange Star Initiative?


1.  You will get complimentary stays at luxury hotels, dining experiences at high-end restaurants or free sightseeing tours in tourist attractions nationwide.

2.  While you are advertising for the hotels, restaurants or tourist attractions, you will be beneficial from the popularity of these entities and gain organic traffic to your own social media accounts.  

      3.You make extra income without quitting your full time job.

      How to sign up for Orange Star Initiative?

Scan the QR code below for more details. (leave a remark-“Orange Star Initiative”)